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A Sustainable Virginia Farm

Twin Springs Farm is a 76 acre diversified farm located in beautiful Nelson County Virginia. We use sustainable farming practices; we do not use harmful herbicides or pesticides. Our growing method includes the use of Cover Crops, Compost,  Alfalfa Meal, and Trace Elements & Micronutrients. We grow Blueberries, Blackberries,  Lettuce year-round, Spinach, Asian Greens and other produce that we sell through direct market on-farm, Nelson Farmers Market, and wholesale accounts. We are a partner producer with the Local Food Hub, Charlottesville, VA.


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What’s Growing – March 2012

We have two 20′ x 96′ high tunnels and a new 24′ x 48′ that is being used to grow Raspberries, we feel fortunate to work closely with Virginia Cooperative extension, Dr. Reza Rafie, and Chris Mullins of Virginia State University’s Agriculture School.
We have mixed Lettuce, head Lettuce, Kale, Carrots, Pac Choi and Turnips growing and being harvested in the two larger high tunnels. You can come by the farm or visit retailers like Integral Yoga in Charlottesville.
We have lots and lots of plugs getting ready to transplant out in the fields as soon as we feel the weather has turned the corner..  Mother Nature  can fool us sometimes, but the age-old signs say we have turned the corner. We will be cautious as to what we transplant and when keeping those row covers ready if we get a hard frost. Check out our CSA information.
We are one of the founding farms of Firsthand Farmers Cooperative an agriculture cooperative founded on the principles of bringing healthy fresh season foods to Central Virginia. Check our Firsthand Farmers Cooperative and tell your friends!
Check out the Photos !!!!
Gary Scott

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