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Spring is in the air.. we were busy yesterday

Plowing in Winter Rye,  boy that soil looks good, of course it allways looks good weed free! We have transplanted the first wave of Tomatoes and Cucumbers into 5″pots, they will soon go into one of the high tunnels. We also seed 800′ of early Sugar Ann Peas and transplanted Turnips and Lettuce for the first outside rows of the 2012 season. We already have several rows of Kale that has been outside for a couple of months, Kale is so sweet and tender with cold chill nights. We hope to get beets in the ground sooooooon.

Jeanne is out pruning the Blueberry bushes, whish is a learned craft that not many folks appreciate.  Jeanne has spent many years learing about Blueberry management and it has paid off.. I think we have the best tasting Blueberries around!

The next really big job is getting 2500 Strawberry plants weeded, I have fallen behind in that task. Back to work !

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